• NLRU


    #art #photo

  • Intel IoT

    Intel IoT

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking shape. Intel helps connect things to the cloud, integrate with existing infrastructure, and securely manage data.

  • jamie mcgurk

    jamie mcgurk

    Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz

  • Gísli KR

    Gísli KR

    Project Manager and Cloud Sales Manger at Advania. Burns for IT, automation, cloud, HPC and entrepreneurship. see also at gisli.is

  • CyberCode Twins 👾 👾

    CyberCode Twins 👾 👾

    #TEDx Speakers🎙️| M.I.T Media Lab BC Alumni ⛓️| Top 5 IBM #SmartCities Finals 🌇 | 🚀PR 🇵🇷 LA | #TwitchDev #Blockchain #AI| CyberCodeTwins.com | shEOS.org

  • Ram Narasimhan

    Ram Narasimhan

    Data driven policies and stories, coding, Python for data analysis, Chess. @ramnarasimhan

  • Jim Fowler

    Jim Fowler

    I am a husband and dad. Also, CIO for GE Capital. Responsible for developing and delivering the global information technology strategy.

  • Paul Reynolds

    Paul Reynolds

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